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Fairy Garden by aej

Fairy Garden Products, Miniatures and Accessories


     A Fairy Garden is a miniature garden complete with structures and actual living plants or if you prefer, you can get artificial plants and grass.  It is designed to give your green thumb a place to tend year-round and to lure fairies and with them, good luck, to your home. It’s a tiny space created and tended with love. The design and components are limited only by your imagination.  You can always get small flower or plant seeds and plant them around your pretty structures, Gnomes, Fairies, Pixies and other Fairy Garden Accessories that I have available.

     These “green places for small spaces” work well in any space making them ideal for someone who is downsizing or someone who is trying to find the perfect centerpiece for a patio table.

     It just so happens that fairies make fantastic house guests since as they are too little to make messes and too polite to make noise! Plus when your fairies are ready for some fresh air, you can move your garden outside. Fairy Gardens are a wonderful way to enhance an outdoor living space or garden in the spring and summer throughout most of North America.

     Click at the top, the different products that are available to create your own special Fairy Garden.  Use your imagination and create the perfect Fairy Garden for the inside of your house as well as outside.  You will be the envy of your neighborhood!!!     My Fairy Garden products will make a perfect gift for a house warming present or even a bridal shower gift.   Why not give a gift that others would not think of giving?  Who knows, you may become even popular because of it!!!

    If you have a special girl who has a dollhouse, check out my dollhouse accessories!!  I have dollhouse accessories from food products, household accessories and many other little dollhouse accessories that would make a great addition to any dollhouse.  They make a great gift for that special girl!!  Create a special package for a little girl or the adult woman who loves dollhouses and would love an unique item.  Donate these to organizations, you will make a girl very happy!  My dollhouse accessories are listed under the Fairy Garden Accessories tab.

     I offer discount shipping on orders under $75.00.   I offer free shipping on orders over $75.00.   Everything is shipped with a tracking number so you can see when you will receive your new pretty items to create your own Fairy Garden.  I will either ship them first class with the tracking number by priority mail, depending on weight.

     Check them out!!  They are unique and once you have a Fairy Garden, you will want to create more than one with different items.   Keep checking back often,  you will always find something new that you must have.


     Just remember, you will be the envy of your neighbors because you will have a beautiful house both inside and outside by having my Fairy Garden products!!

    Check out my other websites: and for other unique items. 



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